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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

How long is a piece of string? It all depends on what you need. A short emailer? A website? A TV ad? A radio spot? A Facebook post? Or a tag line? I do not quote per word, as that is silly. Say you need a tagline/slogan – it may only be five words long, but it can take hours of research on what your competitors are saying and what you want to say. It is also something you will have to live with for a long time and invest money in, for it to become well-known. My hourly rate is R600. It may take a couple of hours to come up with the right line, just right for your business.

Why can’t I just use an AI program?

You can, but results may be disappointing. AI has not yet grasped the nuances of language and wordplay, like humans can. It does now know the unique saying and phrases in local dialects. And it has no empathy with its target audience. English in America is not the same as English spoken in South Africa. We use different words for different things, like a traffic light in South Africa is called a robot; and we have sayings you find nowhere else, like “Ja-nee”. Only a South African will understand what that means, and it does not mean “Yes-no”. We also tend to mix our languages here, so sometimes we’ll throw in an Afrikaans or vernacular word into our English text, like “lekker” or “lekka”. A word used by most South Africans, but I can assure you it’s not in the AI memory yet. AI can be a tool to create content, but it’s not great for original concepts that will only be understood by our target market. “Met eish, ja!”

How quickly can you deliver the job?

Once again how long is a piece of string? If I get a good, solid brief and the job is not too difficult, turnaround time could be as fast as an hour. However, if I need to spend time familiarising myself with your business and hours on research to understand the competitors and the target audience we are trying to reach, it may take a day or two. Of course, it also depends on how many other jobs are on my plate. I cannot just drop one job for another. It is unfair to both clients. Then of course, we have to allow for feedback and reverts. So, please allow enough time, if you want a 100% focus on your job.

What is a good brief?

Think of me as a carpenter, but instead of working with wood, I work with words. If you ask the carpenter to build you a table, you’ll have to specify what you want. Round or square? Solid Oak or Veneer? Boardroom or breakfast table? French polished or a glass top? The same goes for your ad. WHAT are we selling/offering? WHO are we speaking to? WHERE will the communication be (on TV, radio, in a magazine, in a brochure, on Facebook or a  billboard)? WHY is your product/service unique or better than the rest? WHEN will you run the campaign (it’s quicker to create a Facebook post and get it up, than to write a TV ad and get it produced)? HOW MUCH is your budget (have you got existing pics or do you need to have a shoot; are we using models that need to be paid; is the music you want to use under copyright)? A tighter brief means a better and faster job.